Holger is a brand I have never come across before now...

And what a brand it is. 

A favourite site of the Leadership Styled team - Monoqi - lured me (willingly) into a vortex and before I knew it, I came across Holger

More importantly I came across the backpack to put all other backpacks to shame. 

Beautifully made from recyclable material, it is fully vulcanized fiber and topped off with leather finishing. You can choose from 5 different colours

You see my new backpack can fit a 13-inch laptop in it, along with other essential items. Suitable for the working or travelling person, it charges your phone or tablet whilst you are on the go.

The Holger bag is equipped with a battery that can charge your smartphone up to two times, and your tablet. A cable is included for charging the power bank. (For charging your phone and tablet use your own cables with USB).

As if the bag couldn't get any better...it does. They send a mascot with each bag, Holger’s friend, his sausage dog Ila.

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image 2
image 3

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