5 Apps You Need In Your Life Right Now

5 Apps You Need In Your Life Right Now

What would be your ‘can’t live without apps’ when it comes to everyday business life?
We can certainly think of plenty, but have somehow, magically managed to narrow it down to our must have Top 5.

Thinking of Leadership Styled was the beginning. Kirsty had no Rachel yet. And fingers had not even made it to keyboard.

So when it all began to unfurl, we needed to think of a fast, efficient way to store and share information between us in order to help the business grow.

Our number one, and only because it has been our saviour from the start, has to be DROPBOX. It is easy to set up, to navigate around and share between several computers and devices. Exactly what you need when sharing content, pictures and anything else between colleagues.

Coming up close behind is EVERNOTE. Being able to sort everything into individual notes within the main notes, allowing clear navigation around the app is everything you need in order to manage and share your data. Evernote encourages the paperless environment, as anything can be typed in and stored on it, ready to be uploaded, downloaded or printed. It is a go-to hub for everything you need to make things happen. We are a little in love with Evernote Clipper. This handy little tool sits on your web browser toolbar and when you find a website, article, image that you need to share you can clip it and add it into the relevant folder in your Evernote. This is, quite frankly, a delight! (What is not a delight is coming into the office and seeing the amount of updates Kirsty has added in when she gets stuck in a google vortex – that girl can get very distracted!).

And because of all that we are about – developing and bettering you – then we think it rude not to share something that assists you in this.  A new and slightly different business app that has recently been captivating our attention is COURSERA, an online opportunity to be educated through organisations worldwide for FREE! There is almost everything and anything you can imagine and in every language too.  There are some 839 different courses ranging from “the Bilingual brain” to “Growing to greatness in business” to an Introduction to Thermodynamics (we have signed up for this one!). It’s truly amazing what is on there (and even though this article is the top 5 apps we would also draw your attention to “EDX and “FUTURELEARN”).

How many times do you log out of an app or a website only to panic that you have no idea which of your many passwords is the correct one. Undeniably always. Without fail. At least that is the case for us. And I’d like to believe there are many more of you out there who would benefit from this little treasure, 1PASSWORD. It stores all your passwords and vital information securely in the one place and logs you into any chosen website with just a tap, having remembered which password is for which. Ideal really. Who wouldn’t?

And finally an app (that isn’t actually an app) we find very useful over here at LS, ONETAB. You know those times when you tend to go a little crazy on the search engine and before you know it there are a hundred and six tabs open in your window? Well, believe it or not, I know the name doesn’t suggest much, but OneTab takes all the other tabs and stores them together. It saves memory, time and risk of losing important information that you have discovered. Onetab was created for the developers personal use and they thought it rude not share it with the world. It is free of charge and a must have.

So, now that you know the ‘must haves’ for the Leadership Styled team, we really do think it would be rude for you not to get these downloaded and put into practice. Real... life changers.

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Technology has continued to bring the world closer together and increased the horizons of each individual as never before.

~Rohan Kar


So, now that you know the ‘must haves’ for the Leadership Styled team, we really do think it would be rude for you not to get these downloaded and put into practice. Real..life changers.

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